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London, England
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SALE LAND ..BIGS COMITIOINS SALES ..1000 000 ..DOLLARS ..INDUSTRIAL LAND SALES GIVE TO ENGLAND .BIG INDUSTRY TO, CONCIDER AND, THEY WILL BUY IT ., AND HAVE BIG COMITIONS .THEY ARE ABOUT ONE MILLION DOLLARS IN COMITIONS ..% $ 300 , 000 DOLLARS .EACH , LOT PRICE THEY ARE 20 LOTS industrial comertial boder line mex lots ..of 10,000 squared meters, cheap hand lavor unic oportunity to beat ..ans safe you company problems .400 % cheap hand lavor country it today pay credit .150 milles south arizona hermosillo ..mexico , GIVE TI BIG INDUSTRIS TOCONCIDER ANE THEY WILL BUY IT AND GIVE BIG COMITIONS .THEY ARE ABOUT ONE MILLION DOLLARS IN COMITIONS ..% $ 300 , 000 DOLLARS .EACH , LOT PRICE THEY ARE 20 LOTS february 25 2010 hermosillo Sonora mexico To the head department Land sale promotion, of 26 hectareas ..of 10,000 squared meters,each , to sale or trade for other real state like, 1 , or more houses, or apartments on sale, for whatever purpose desired. Like rent sides, office and comertial sides, They are located on the industrial park area in Hermosillo Sonora, norwest mexico .at 150 milles from Arizona border line . on the Highway extension to the city, ideal for warehouses and factories as well as for gas stations or loading yards for materials. April 5 2008 hermosillo sonora mexico Land promotion for sale Trough this letter I wish to show you the proposal for selling land so you can promote it around the globe if you wish it so. You can promote to companies that have a ranging investment and budget from ten to 30 million dollars so they can move quickly since the large companies take to long and are very bureaucratic. Sell the land to those companies since it is viable for them to come and see how cheap hand labor is in Mexico and the opportunity they have with NAFTA. You can find them on the internet and with real estate agents calling Asia an Central America as well as the Caribbean, the US and Europe. These companies usually have several branches and some of them see moving as good option to save money in taxes, delivery and hand labor. A Mexican worker costs 500 dollars a month while in other countries 3000 dollars a month and since it is closer to the US, 150 miles from the border. This a new option for the companies to have a new operations address. They are the ones most likely to pay 40$ per squared meter, reaching even to 60 dollars per square meter. you can also deal the sale of this land with Mexican companies but only with a few, since nationals offer much less money. They are companies from Monterrey as well as Guadalajara, Juarez and Tijuana. So they can try the benefits of Sonora for their markets. You can offer it to assembly factories, textiles and electronics, not to large companies since the big companies are very bureaucratic, although sooner or later they come to invest but the previously mentioned move easier. Thank you very much June 12 2007 Hermosillo Sonora Mexico PLEACE SEND THIS TO SALES please send this to the small companies that have a 20 to 30 million dollars value who wish to invest in location changing. Tell them th address to Mexico where the labor hand is cheaper, clothes manufacturing, electronics and fabrics, any one who supplies the west market. Description: This is the land sale proposal to you and your partners or companies and that you as constructors can be aware of and be interested in, as well as for trade of some lots one acre in size each, you can trade it for any of your houses under construction or already built or to promote them in your conglomerates, which you can use to speculate or keep as reserve to trade for land within the city or to build and establish alliances with other companies or just to speculate. You could sell them to companies in prices from 1 to 30 million dollars in investment and budget to move fast since the big ones take longer and propose them for a sale. This way this companies, which are suitable of wanting to come and try cheap labor hand form Mexico, and the opportunity of the NAFTA. You can find them on international markets even on the internet and sending sales agents or calling Asia and South America as well as the Caribbean or silicon valley in the US and Europe where such companies usually have several branches of providers around the globe, in Taiwan for instance. Some of them wish to move to these latitudes to save shipment costs, taxes and cheap labor hand, since an employee in Mexico can cost as low as $500 dollars a month and in other country this could go up to $ 3000 USD a month and since it is closer to the US, about 150 miles from the border, to maintain shipment costs low when sending mainly to the US especially southwest and of their providers as well. This way by offering this new option of having new operation addresses they are the most viable thing so that you can pay 40$ per squared mt,2 and being able to sale it up to $ 60 squared m having already all detailed conditions, grass, AC and illumination. You can also deal the sales of these lots to Mexican companies since they offer serous money and so I recommend serious companies like yours since the haggling is lesser, they are located in Monterrey Nuevo Le

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London, England
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